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"I have something brewing that ONLY GOD has set up for me to give back to the world. I have a passion to INSPIRE others, especially young adults who have the potential to become leaders. I strongly believe that GOD has given me the gift to encourage young girls to develop the courage to understand whose they are in Christ. I’m honored to give God the glory in assisting young girls in transition into pleasing and living for GOD. It’s a humbling experience to serve other young girls who like me, may have struggled with self-identity issues, peer-pressure….understanding their purpose, and becoming self-confident of their godly value and full potential. I'm so very happy that yes GOD has given me this ministry…"



    Kylee Kares, a non-profit organization in Prince William County, VA, is proud to announce that we will award college scholarships to two graduating seniors in the amount of $500.00.

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    The Kylee Kares, Tutoring Program is designed to aid students in accomplishing skills and techniques in the broad areas of problem solving, reading comprehension and understanding/identifying context clues. Our goal is to inspire students to become confident and independent thinkers prepared to face academic and personal challenges.


    Kylee Kare's Mentoring Programs are designed to empower young women to be successful and well balanced in every area of their lives. We impart godly principles into their lives so that they will become effective witnesses as they maintain a committed lifestyle, thus, discovering the power of God to transform lives and declare a generation that will change the world.

      Daughters of Destiny (DoD)

    For young women ages 13-18

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    The Young Sisterhood Project (TYSP)

    For young women ages 19-22

  • H.U.G.S. (Helping – Understanding – Guiding - Supporting)

    The Kylee Kares H.U.G. Program is designed to promote mental and emotional wellness in the lives of young people through educational and support programs that destigmatize mental health issues so that individuals are encouraged to get the help that they need.


    The Kylee Kares Community Service Projects promote growth, self-esteem and service to the community we live in through outreach projects and initiatives that create a better tomorrow for our youth.

    Kylee Kares is here to serve the youth and young adults of our community. Volunteer today to be a part of this life-changing ministry with your time, talent and treasure.

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